Important Dates

  • January 1 -

Property is valued as of this date for the coming fiscal year, which begins on July 1st.

  • February 15-

 Second-trimester payment due.

  • March 15-

Personal and real property returns due.


  • April 1-

Final day to file for property tax exemptions

Final day to file for Veterans' exemptions

Final day to file timely for Charitable exemptions, etc.

  • April 15-

Final day to file Senior and Disabled Citizen Deferral applications.

Late filing fee applies after April 15th

  • May 15-

Third-trimester payment due.

  • July 1 -

Start of the fiscal year and lien date for all taxes.

  • July 15 -

Taxing Districts certify tax levies and special assessments

  • September 25 -

Assessor certifies value or value estimate of joint Taxing Districts

  • October 25-

BOPTA forms. 

BOPTA OR-B-RPP Application 

BOPTA OR-B-PRR (Personal Property) Application Forms

Last day for the tax collector to mail tax statements

Owner Value Reviews process through December 1st

  • November 15 -

First-trimester tax payment due. Last day discount allowed for full or 2/3 payment.

  • December 31-

Last day to file an appeal to the Board of Property Tax Appeals