Umatilla County DA - Permanent Office Closure

Effective September 1, 2022, the Umatilla County District Attorney’s office will no longer handle child support cases. All cases assigned to that office will now be managed by the Pendleton DOJ Division of Child Support office.

Support Enforcement

Establish Paternity

The parents of a child born out of wedlock may sign a voluntary acknowledgement of paternity which legally establishes paternity of the child. If a parent will not sign an affidavit, then a petition can be filed in court to establish paternity. Once paternity is established, the DA can help you get a child support order and help you collect support.

Establish A Support Order

A parent, or custodial parent may come to our office to obtain a child support order to require the parent(s) to support a child.

Modify a Support Order

Either party may request a review of their support order amount after three years, or upon a substantial change of circumstances.

Collect Support

After you obtain a support order, the District Attorney's Office will try to collect support in various ways, including withholding of wages or other benefits such as unemployment, worker's compensation or retirement. We will automatically intercept any state or federal tax refunds of the nonsupporting parent if there is past due support. We may schedule examinations of the nonsupporting parent, or contempt proceedings for failing to obey the support order.

Interstate Services

When the obligated parent lives in another state, our office will forward a request to the other state to collect support. The DA's Office must rely on the other state to handle the case. The DA's Office also accepts requests from the custodial parent in another state to collect support from a parent who lives in Oregon.

Acquire and Enforce a Requirement to Obtain Health Insurance

Oregon law requires that all child support orders include a requirement that the obligated parent obtain health insurance coverage for the child(ren) if requested by the other party and if available at a reasonable cost through a group plan, employer or union.

Who is Eligible for Services?

Generally, any person who lives in umatilla county or whose obligated parent lives in umatilla county and any person who has physical custody of a dependent child.