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Department of Land Use Planning
216 SE 4th Street
Pendleton, OR 97801

Where is your property located?

Use the account number from your property tax statement or site address to identify the property location. The planning offices will use this specific location to identify the zoning. The Land Use Zones define the potential use of the property (e.g. industrial, residential). Check with the planning office to determine potential uses of property.

  • If you are located on the Umatilla Indian Reservation contact the Tribal Planning Office.
  • If you are located within city limits contact your city planner or recorder to obtain development or zoning permits.
  • If you are outside the city limits, but inside the Urban Growth Boundary, check with either the city or the county to determine zoning jurisdiction.
  • If your property is outside the Urban Growth Boundary, contact the Umatilla County Planning Dept., County Courthouse, Room #104, 216 SE 4th Street, Pendleton at (541) 278-6252.

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Follow these steps when developing property ...

There is a process for developing property and is sequential in nature.  Each step must be completed prior to moving onto the next.  If there are questions please contact the County Planning Department, but the following should be helpful:

First Step  Land Use Approval and the Supplemental Application will be necessary for the development prior to the zoning permit issuance.  To determine whether or not this will be required contact the Planning Department.

Second StepA Zoning Permit from the Planning Department for: new structures and additions, a mobile home setup, or change in use of a building such as a home occupation or business.  If the property is located in a designated FEMA floodplain a Floodplain Development Permit will be required (call for application).  A Rural Address will be assigned for a how home.

Third StepAn authorized Sanitary Septic System with a  Land Use Compatibility Statement (LUCS) from the Department of Environmental Quality for construction of a new septic system or repair to a failing system. An Authorization Notice is needed if you are re-connecting to an existing system or changing the waste flow by increasing the occupancy of a house or building.

Fourth Step Building Permit from the State Building Codes Agency for: all additions, new structures, certain remodels, setup of manufactured homes, and plumbing, electrical, and mechanical permits.Building Permit from the State Building Codes Agency for: all additions, new structures, certain remodels, setup of manufactured homes, and plumbing, electrical, and mechanical permits.


Additional permits required may include:

  • Access Permit for a new or change in access/ approach to a County Road or State Highway.
  • Utilities Permit before working in a County or State road right-of- way.
  • Water Rights Permit - check with the Water Resources office and appropriate Irrigation District.
  • Business License and registration. Check with the Small Business Development Center.

When Will you Need a Zoning Permit?

A Zoning Permit is required when developing a property in a number of situations.  The zone in which the property is located makes the difference.  A use that is permitted outright is outlined in the Development Code.

Applying for a Zoning Permit please provide:

  • The location of the property. The map and tax lot number identifying your property can be found on your property tax statement.
  • A site plan showing the property boundaries, where the structure will be located on the property, and distances between the new structure, other existing structures, and property lines or easements.
  • An application fee.
  • ALL Property Owners signatures.

For Your Information
A site address will be issued for a new home or business at the time the zoning permit is approved. An address marker will be provided for areas outside of a city urban growth area. The placement of the mail box will be decided by the post office and mail carrier.

Contact Information for State and Local Government Offices

For more details on the development process contact the following agencies:

County Planning Dept. & Rural Addressing
Courthouse, 216 SE 4th St.
1-888-817-4184 ext. 252
or 541-278-6252
County Road Dept. & County Surveyor
3920 Westgate
Water Resources Department
116 SE Dorion Ave.
State Building Codes Division
700 SE Emigrant, Suite #360
Dept. of Environmental Quality
700 SE Emigrant, Suite #330
Umatilla Tribal Planning Office
Mission, OR 97801
Small Business Development Center
37 SE Dorion Ave.
State Business Information Center (for registration & licensing)
255 Capitol St. NE, Suite 151
Salem, OR 97310-1327
Dept. of Motor Vehicles
Pendleton, 1732 SW Court
Hermiston, 945 SE 4th
Milton-Freewater, 295 N Columbia

Call Before You Dig
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Adams City Hall
190 N Main, Adams, OR 97810
Athena City Hall
215 S 3rd, Athena, OR 97813
Echo City Hall
20 S Bonanza, Echo, OR 97826
City of Helix
Helix, OR 97835
Hermiston City Planning
City Hall, 180 NE 2nd
Hermiston, OR 97838
Hermiston City Building Codes
215 E Gladys Ave., Hermiston
Milton-Freewater City Planning
722 S Main, PO Box 6
Milton-Freewater, OR 97862
Pendleton City Planning
& Building Codes
City Hall, 500 SW Dorion
Pilot Rock City Hall
144 N Alder Place, Pilot Rock, OR 97868
Stanfield City Hall
155 W Coe, Stanfield, OR 97875
City of Ukiah
Ukiah, OR 97880
Umatilla City Hall
300 6th, Umatilla, OR 97882
Weston City Hall
114 E Main, Weston,