Umatilla County
Community Corrections

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Mission Statement
"Community Corrections will enhance public safety and increase positive offender behavior utilizing evidence based practices, community partnerships, community presence, and agency professionalism."

Synopsis of Community Corrections
Field supervision consists of monitoring the behavior and movement of offenders in the community to insure compliance with the conditions of the releasing authority. Duties include conducting unscheduled/unannounced contacts with offenders in their home environments, places of employment, the probation office, and other community locations, including searches when indicated. Other duties include: gathering information from collateral sources, participating and being available to law enforcement agencies, being a physical presence in the community to aid in the deterrence of criminal conduct, being a resource to the community, enhancing public safety through community notification, reporting to the releasing authorities, and recommending appropriate sanctions and terminations. Priority is given to those offenders who pose the highest risk to re-offend.

Program and Organizational Flow Charts
  • Biennial Plan