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Question: How do I contact the Oregon Department of Revenue?
A:  See Contact information.
                      Contact Oregon Department of Revenue

Question: How do I obtain a travel permit to leave the state?
A:  You need the written permission of your Probation and Parole Officer to travel outside of Oregon. Failure to obtain permission, prior to leaving the state, is a violation of your supervision conditions and could result in a sanction. It is important to plan ahead and request a travel permit several days ahead of when you actually need it. You don’t want to find yourself needing a permit for an important trip, only to find out that your supervising officer is unavailable or that the office is closed for a holiday.

Question: I’ve been convicted of a Sex Offense, will I be able to have contact and/or live with my children When I’m released from custody?
A:  No.  Once released or new to supervision you will undergo a sex offender treatment evaluation.  This evaluation along with crime specific and full disclosure polygraphs will be used to determine the number and nature of your past victims.  This information, along with treatment progress and engagement will be used to determine when and if your contact will be allowed, and in what circumstances