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Drug Court Program

The Umatilla County Drug Court Program is a court supervised alcohol and drug treatment program.  It is comprised of personnel from parole and probation, District Attorney’s Office, Umatilla County Human Services, Judges, Department of Human Services, and contracted providers.  The program serves approximately 140 medium and high risk offenders.  The program is designed to last 9 months in duration.  The program is a post-plea / pre-conviction and post-plea / post conviction model.  While most participants agree to enter the program voluntarily with hopes to have their criminal charges dismissed upon successful completion, others, such as property offenders identified under Ballot Measure 57, are mandated as a condition of supervision to participate.  The mission of Drug Court is to improve the lives of drug addicted offenders, to promote family stability, increase public safety and decrease public cost by reducing drug related crimes and breaking the cycle of addiction.