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Drug Court Program

Umatilla County Community Corrections participates in the 6th Judicial District Treatment Court Program for offenders who are seeking to free themselves from substance abuse. The Treatment Court Program is a 16-month long program for individuals that have committed drug-related crimes, have been sentenced to probation, and struggle with substance abuse. The program provides intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment, frequent drug testing, weekly court sessions, and community-based supports to help individuals live a life free from substance abuse. The Treatment Court Program is a collaborative effort between many agencies including: 6th Judicial District Circuit Courts, Umatilla County District Attorney, Intermountain Public Defenders, Umatilla County Community Corrections, Morrow County Corrections Division, Community Counseling Solutions, Oregon Department of Human Services-Child Welfare, and Hermiston Police Department.

The Program has the capacity to serve 36 participants. Participants may be referred to the Program by the Prosecutor, Defense Attorney, Judge, or Probation Officer. Both post-plea/pre-conviction and post-plea/post-conviction cases are accepted into the Program. > For more information please visit the Treatment Court Webpage