Criminal Division

The Criminal Division of the Umatilla County Sheriff’s Office consists of the Patrol Division, the Investigations Division, and the Search and Rescue Team.

The Patrol Division includes Uniformed Patrols, City Contracted Police Services, Corp of Engineers Patrol, the Reserve Deputy Program, and Special Services, including ATV/Snow Patrol, Marine Patrol, and the Rural Neighborhood Watch Program. The Investigations Division includes the Detectives in the General Law and Narcotics units, (BENT) and the Evidence Technician. Captain Dave Williamson supervises the personnel and activities of the Criminal Division.

Uniformed Patrol

The Patrol Division of the Umatilla County Sheriff’s Office currently consists of 16 sworn, full-time deputies, including 13 patrol deputies, two Patrol Sergeants and one Captain. To facilitate better response times to calls for service, the patrol staff is divided into different regions throughout Umatilla County, and responds to a wide variety of calls for service in all areas of the county. Our headquarters are in the Umatilla County Criminal Justice Center in Pendleton, OR. We also have offices in Hermiston, OR, at the Stafford Hansell Government Center, in Milton-Freewater, OR, and in the cities of Weston and Athena, OR.

Our deputies are trained in all aspects of criminal and traffic law, criminal investigations and crime prevention. They are equipped and trained to properly and thoroughly investigate any type of complaint they are assigned. As members of the Criminal Division, some of our deputies have additional training and experience in disciplines such as; major crime investigations, traffic crash reconstruction, evidence collection and handling, DUII and DRE cases, interview techniques and other skills. The Sheriff’s Office Criminal Division is committed to protecting and serving our citizens, and making Umatilla County a safe place to live, work, and raise a family.

City Contracted Police Services

The Umatilla County Sheriff's Office is honored to be the law enforcement service provider of choice for the cities of Weston and Athena, OR. We are proud to be able to provide policing and law enforcement-related services to our city partners on a contractual basis. By purchasing services from the Sheriff's Office, these cities gain the efficiencies of a larger organization and are able to access all the services we can provide, including highly trained, well-equipped, and experienced deputies, crime prevention specialists, detectives to investigate more serious crimes, and more police presence and quicker responses to many types of calls for service.

Corps of Engineers Patrol

On an annual basis, from around Memorial Day until the end of September, the Sheriff’s Office employs one deputy to provide patrols to the US Army Corps of Engineers property in the county. This position is funded by the Corps of Engineers through a contract with the Sheriff’s Office. The Corps of Engineers property is primarily situated along the Columbia River from the western boundary of the county to the Washington state line, with concentrations in the area and vicinity of McNary Dam. The Corps deputy also provides backup for our other patrol deputies when needed, and assists other agencies in jurisdictions surrounding the Corps of Engineers property.

Reserve Deputy Program

The Umatilla County Sheriff’s Reserve Deputy Program consists of a group of dedicated volunteers, who donate their time and energy to support and assist the Sheriff’s Office in many ways, primarily with providing patrols, answering calls for service and providing security at special events. UCSO has a total of 15 Reserve Deputies, which included a five member Advisory Board and six deputies who are considered “Solo Qualified”, due to the successful completion of extensive training necessary to perform law enforcement functions as a solo patrol unit. Each member donates a minimum of 16 hours per month to the program.

The Reserves raise funds for the program through grants, and by providing security services and support at several community events, including the Pendleton Round Up and Happy Canyon, the Farm City Pro Rodeo and Umatilla County Fair, and at various sporting events and activities. The funds are used in the program to provide uniforms and some equipment, ammunition, and vehicles. The Sheriff’s Reserves are, and have been, an invaluable part of UCSO for many years, and we appreciate their service!