Request for Consolidation of Taxlots

Consolidations of real property accounts can be accomplished as long as the following conditions are met:
    • Taxes must be paid on all of the accounts. (ORS 308.210(3)(4)). Contact the Umatilla County Tax Collection office at (541) 276-7111 to verify the amount of taxes due. If the consolidation request is received after July 1, but before the tax rolls have been certified (usually in October) the consolidation will be held until the taxes are paid.
    • A letter from the Mortgage Company consenting to the consolidation must accompany the consolidation request. ORS 311.280(2).
    • The owner names must be exactly the same on all of the tax lots being consolidated. ORS 308.215, including initials used. If they are not, deeds will need to be recorded making them identical.
    • Code areas on property tax statements must be the same.
    • The property fits on one map.
    • The properties are contiguous to one another.
    • Improvements are located on only one of the parcels being consolidated. Exceptions to this include business properties.
    • If the consolidation request requires the appropriate planning department authorizes the form.
    • $20 consolidation fee paid.

    To submit a Consolidation request: Please print off a copy, fill in the appropriate information, obtain planning’s approval and submit the form to the Umatilla County GIS Department at 216 SE 4th St, Pendleton, OR 97801.


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